Saturday, March 11, 2017

Residual War Truths In The News

Veterans left with nothing after their service, instead of treatment for PTSD, they were mistreated and kicked out with less than honorable discharges. In the book and in the news, and the VA trying to help to them.

Veterans with bad discharges get mental health help
“Our goal is simple: to save lives. Veterans who are in crisis should receive help immediately. Far too many Veterans have fallen victim to suicide, roughly 20 every day. Far too many families are left behind asking themselves what more could have been done. The time for action is now.” Veterans Affairs Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin 

Left with nothing, they became homeless and fell prey to a greedy Chaplain holding them in a facility below the grounds of Fort Christmas. When they did not show progress taking a drug to numb them, taking away all of their emotions, they were murdered. Their deaths, passed off as suicides, no one else would bother to care about.

PTSD veterans treated like lab rats!

Female with the Medal of Honor, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, Army surgeon in the Civil War.

In this video for US Navy veteran Sharona Young, BG Deborah Kotulich talks about heroic military women during Women's History Month and included this fabulous woman. Ask your friends if they know a female has received the Medal of Honor after you look this up and stun them.

Want to discover what else is true in Residual War? Read it and then let me know what you followed up on and how you found it. If you want to be part of the solution, you have to know how this history was made.

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